Ranch Road Recording

RRR_June 18 2016-2

Music is what emotions sounds like …

When artists  submersed their selves in a space and allow themselves the time to tap into every heartfelt emotion their art evokes, they are capable of delivering their best performance. That’s the very essence of Ranch Road Recording and exactly why I created it.

As a professional recording and touring musician with many years of experience in the music business. I’ve seen and experienced a wide variety of professional recording studios. They all have there own flavor, subtle nuances, and those things that artists seek out and cherish, But I’ve never found that one single place I could stow away and remove myself from the all daily distractions of life. Immersing myself in the music and just focus on my art and my craft.

Enter Ranch Road Recording, a destination-recording studio.

Located deep in the beautiful mountains of Montana.


All-inclusive Destination
Recording Studio

Bathroom with Full Shower
Coffee & Teas
Coffee Bean Grinder
Espresso Machine
Cooktop and Oven
Washer and Dryer
Direct TV
Radiant Heated Flooring
Central Air
Billings Alarm Services

Your recording paradise.

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Floor Plan

Road Ranch Recording

The Live Room

Road Ranch Recording sleeping quarters

Control Room

Road Ranch Recording sleeping quarters

The Bunk Room

Road Ranch Recording sleeping quarters

The Kitchen

The Restroom